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Eligible Population

Section 226.2 of the regulations describes who may receive CACFP meal benefits.

Children means "(a) persons 12 years of age and under, (b) children of migrant workers 15 years of age and under, and (c) persons with mental or physical handicaps, as defined by the State, enrolled in an institution or a child care facility serving a majority of persons 18 years of age and under." Provider’s own children are eligible only in tier I day care homes, when other nonresidential children are enrolled in the day care home and are participating in the meal service.

Adult participant means "a person enrolled in an adult day care center who is functionally impaired ... or 60 years of age or older."  The adult component of CACFP is targeted to individuals who remain in the community and reside with family members. Individuals who reside in institutions are not eligible for CACFP benefits.

In addition, Public Law 105-336 made CACFP snacks available to children and youth through age 18 in eligible afterschool care programs, while Public Law 108-265 raised the age limit for meals served to children residing in emergency shelters from 12 to age 18.

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